Mutton Renaissance

...putting mutton back on the menu

The Lost Farm is a specialist producer of
Mutton Renaissance quality meat.

The Mutton Renaissance Club (MRC) has
the patronage of HRH The Prince of Wales,
whose initiative it was to get quality mutton
back onto the plates of discerning consumers.
The MRC sets exacting standards for mutton
which carries the MRC logo.

The purpose of the initiative is to ensure that the correct
production and processing steps are taken in order to
provide everyone lucky enough to eat MRC certified
mutton with a fantastic eating experience.

The renaissance mutton produced by The Lost Farm is
derived entirely from the ancient Manx Loaghtan breed,
which is ideally suited to the production of this high
quality meat.

The pasture on which the sheep are grown, together with
their natural slow rate of growth, contributes to a unique
flavour which is enhanced by modern cuisine, developed
by highly skilled chefs working under the jurisdiction of
the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts.
the lost farm
Contact Rachel, Jeff
or Cym to discuss
your requirements
...details are on the
get in touch page.

The Lost Farm offers
a bespoke service
for the meat trade
(retail & wholesale)
and the domestic cook
with stock available
seasonally and in
limited supply.

Don’t worry if you
have not sold or
cooked these types
of meat before, we
will help you with all
you need to know.
the lost farm
we are proud to be part of mutton renaissance
the lost farm
where farming is the main way of life
the lost farm