Our Unique Way

traditional, slow & with care

British livestock is often named after the area where it has
evolved, such as Manx Loaghtan, Hereford Cattle, Tamworth
Pork and so on.

The distinctive flavours and quality of such meat is in part
determined by the breed, but also by how the animals have
been reared and kept. In particular, rearing according to their
terroir is key to the flavour of these fine pure bred animals.

At The Lost Farm we pride ourselves in rearing
livestock the traditional way, slowly and with
care - and with quality herbage & feed similar to
what they would have had in their area of origin.

As more and more people are looking for distinctive and
authentic flavours from their food, they find our slow
reared meat to be truly rewarding.

The Farm,

Jeff Clarke & Family

The Lost Farm is in Warwickshire, just outside the village of
Grandborough. The local area is known as Grandborough
Fields. This is real Middle England, where farming is still the
main way of life and farms have been handed down through
the generations.

Jeff is a third generation farmer at Grandborough with the
next generation coming up behind!
He has worked on the
farm all his life and now works over 1000 acres in his mixed
farming enterprise. He has admired British livestock from
an early age, in fact he joined the Rare Breed Survival Trust
when he was just 8 years old - he has now been a Trustee
and Vice Chairman! He remains Chairman to his local
Warwickshire & Northamptonshire support group.

Jeff’s love of the Isle of Man came from his Grandmother
being born there.
Then when attending the first Rare Breed
livestock sale in Stoneleigh, she recognised the Manx Loughtan
sheep in the sale. That day they returned to the farm with
2 ewes and a tup and this sparked his interest in the
Manx Loughtan Sheep.

Along the way, he met up with George Steriopulos who was
the main driving force behind Manx Loaghtan achieving
Protected Food Name Status (PDO) which took 10 years, lots
of patience and considerable determination. They worked
together to set up ‘The Lost Farm’, but George decided to
take a well earned retirement.

Jeff would be lost without his 2 children Evie & Arthur.
His parents also still remain in the background on the farm.
His neighbour Cym keeps an eye on the day to day organisation
of the business, booking food festivals and sending out
customer orders.

We also have to thank George’s wife Diana, for the
magnificent photo’s on our website. She also creates
beautiful greetings cards featuring our majestic
Manx Loaghtan, for more information please
email Diana at diana@manxloaghtan.com
or call her on 01788 819 824.
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The Lost Farm offers
a bespoke service
for the meat trade
(retail & wholesale)
and the domestic cook
with stock available
seasonally and in
limited supply.

Don’t worry if you
have not sold or
cooked these types
of meat before, we
will help you with all
you need to know.
the lost farm
rearing livestock slowly and with care
the lost farm
respecting tradition and terroir
the lost farm
helping to preserve little known breeds
the lost farm
where farming is the main way of life
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