Pure Breed Farming

by Jeff Clarke

After many years rearing livestock and of course sampling the
products, Jeff arrived at the conclusion...

..there is nothing to beat the flavour and eating
quality of a properly reared and pure bred piece
of meat, especially from one of the many
forgotten breeds of beef, sheep, pig & poultry.

And from that realisation, his direction became clear; having
reared such breeds as Beef Shorthorn, Aberdeen Angus, Dexter,
Hereford and Highland Cattle; Manx Loaghtan, Herdwick and
Soay Sheep; Tamworth and Gloucester Old Spot pork; not to
mention the wonderful varieties of poultry around his farm,
it became something of a mission…

...to give people the opportunity to eat some of Britain’s
finest meat and also by increasing demand, to encourage the
continuation of these splendid and little known breeds.

Pure breed farming is about patience & care; the result is about
superb taste and an exceptional eating experience with some
unique benefits...Manx Loaghtan only has 5% fat compared to
27% in a modern hybrid lamb and is full of flavour!
the lost farm
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The Lost Farm offers
a bespoke service
for the meat trade
(retail & wholesale)
and the domestic cook
with stock available
seasonally and in
limited supply.

Don’t worry if you
have not sold or
cooked these types
of meat before, we
will help you with all
you need to know.
the lost farm
bespoke service for trade and consumer
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the lost farm
the lost farm
the lost farm
the lost farm